Is the $98 Vacation Village Offer too good to be true?

Vacation Village is offering a $2300 7 day / 6 night, two city vacation for $98. This is a timeshare. If you can handle the 2-3 hour sales pitch, this is a good deal. Keep in mind the units range from $5000 to $37,000, plus annual maintenance, and the biggest red flag is the company’s F rating with the BBB.

So what do you get
3 nights accommodations in South Florida and another 3 nights in Orlando. All units have kitchens and living areas. On the downside, check in is after 4:00, and usually takes 2-3 hours, and check out is by 10:00, or you will risk being charged a late fee. Given that you will need to travel to Florida, and between South Florida and Orlando, this will need to be added to the cost of the trip. But discount carriers like Allegiant or Frontier can help cut cost. 

Well, is this worth it? 
No! You work hard, and should enjoy a stress free trip to Florida. As we mentioned above, the above low cost, and many standard airlines are offer discounted flights into Florida. If you want to go, but would like to cut travel cost, book early and go in the mid to late fall to avoid crowds or in the spring. With both time periods, you can take advantage of discounted o oneway rentals into or out of Florida.